Iota Beta Alumni Association

After a couple of years in the planning phase, the Iota Beta Alumni Association is about to become a reality. The purpose of the Association shall be to provide service to Susquehanna University, the community, the national fraternity of Tau Kappa Epsilon, the Iota Beta Alumni Association, and the Iota Beta chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon in any academic, financial, social, professional or other manner deemed appropriate by the members of the Association.

Those eligible for membership into the Association are members of the Iota Beta chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon; those brothers who have been granted honorary membership and anyone who has served in a capacity that greatly impacted the Iota Beta chapter for the better. There will be two classes of membership: voting and non-voting. Voting membership shall be contingent upon fulfilling a financial obligation of $20 a year to be paid in full prior to the Alumni Association meeting held on Homecoming.

There will be two formal meetings of the Association per year: Homecoming and Spring Weekend on the Susquehanna University campus.

Contact Us if you wish to join the Alumni Association.

Legal Documents

Articles of Incorporation

Alumni Association Bylaws